If you are a runner who is experiencing foot pain, it is important to understand that injuries could be possible in the future. There is a simple fix to get you back to training without foot pain and potential injuries. Shoes insoles treat a number of symptoms, such as plantar fasciitis, ball-of-foot, arch, and heel pain. It is important that you choose the best possible shoe insoles in order to treat your feet effectively. The are a lot of shoe insole brands out there, but the type of materials they use will vary. The material you want under your feet is called Sorbothane. Sorbothane offers cushioning comfort and foot-strike protection. This material offers maximum support and is shock-absorbing. This material will last longer than any other material on the market. It will out-perform and out-last any other competitive insole. RxSorbo offers a wide variety of insoles designed for specific purposes such as arch insoles, work and sport insoles, and ball-of-foot pads. Not sure which one to get? See below for descriptions of our entire line!