Ultra Plus Insole ($59.95) – Maximum Support, Stability, Comfort, Pain Relief, and Performance

Combines a custom integrated stability and support system plus the cushioning comfort and foot strike protection of Sorbothane. Features a lightweight arch component with a deep heel cup. This insole provides maximum support, rear-foot stability and also helps to position the heel for natural shock-absorbing comfort.

Ultra Orthotic Medium Arch Insole ($45.99) – Arch Support, Stability, Comfort, and Impact Protection

Combines significant arch support and stability with comfort and impact protection. Molded polyurethane foam provides structural support while Sorbothane inlays offer cushioning comfort and foot-strike protection. Superior, long-lasting Ultra Orthotic Arch Replacement Insoles maintain their stability and shock-absorbing benefits longer than any other premium insole on the market.

SorboAir Insole ($22.99)  Lightweight, Long-Lasting, Heel-Strike Protection

Start with a base of air-infused Sorbothane foam for lightweight comfort. Then a pure Sorbothane inlay is added for heel-strike protection. SorboAir insoles will provide long-lasting cushioning and protection with every step you take.

Sorbo ¾ Orthotic Arch Insole ($37.99) – Arch Support, Cushioning Comfort, Foot-Strike protection

Designed to fit in any shoe. It combines an advanced arch support with Sorbothane cushioning comfort and foot-strike protection. Supportive and comfortable, the Sorbo ¾ Length Orthotic Arch will-out perform and out-last any competitive insole.

Ultra Work and Sport Insole ($29.99) – Durable, Comfortable, Shock-Absorbing

Combines molded polyurethane foam for structural support with Sorbothane. Strategically placed Sorbothane inlays provide cushioning comfort and foot-strike protection. Durable and comfortable, Ultra Work/Sport Replacement insoles retain their support and shock-absorbing benefits month after month.

Classic Sole Insole ($21.99) - Relieves Pain and Provides Protection

The most neutral of all the insoles are the classic sole insole. They are made of 100% Sorbothane from heel-to-toe. Sorbothane visco-elastic material provides maximum protection and comfort by absorbing up to 94.7% of impact shock. These inserts will retain their comfort and projection well into the future. Classic insoles are a favorite of people who do not have a lot of extra room in their shoes. These also work very well with dress shoes and running shoes, especially of runners who like a little extra cushioning but do not want to take away the feel of the road.

Classic Heel Pad ($12.99) – Made out of 100% Shock-Absorbing Sorbothane

These deliver long-lasting comfort and protection and are designed to fit easily into a wide variety of shoes. “Classic Heel Pads provide long-lasting protection and comfort in a small space” – Dr. Mark Mendeszoon 

Ball-of-Foot Pad ($14.99) - Foot-Strike Protection, Support, Comfort, and Made for Every Shoe Type

Made out of shock-cushioning Sorbothane. They naturally stay in place and provide lasting comfort and pain relief. Concentrated comfort for those who prefer a partial insole or are concerned with a tight fit especially in high heels. The leading performance replacement metatarsal pad featuring 100% Sorbothane for outstanding foot-strike protection. These are so effective that they have been approved and recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The RxSorbo Ball-of-Foot pad works well in all types of shoes and for all types of activities and sports. These concentrated pads fit perfectly into tight spaces like in dress shoes, high heels, golf shoes, dance shoes, and flat. Unless standard insoles, these retain their support and comfort, month after month.