Work Shoe Insoles: the Perfect Christmas Gift

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Finding the perfect gift is not always easy. Though they may be too polite to say so, not everyone is going to be thrilled to receive that pair Obi-Wan / Darth Vader salt-and-pepper shakers (could pass the Dark Side please?). Sometimes the frivolous and novelty items are not a good fit. So what to what to get that practical and sober-minded individual? A great gift idea for the hard-worker in your life would be something

work shoe insoles

that works as hard as they do: work shoe insoles.

Work Shoe Insoles: Functional, Durable, Comfortable

Work shoe insoles are the ‘Timex’ gift (takes a licking and keeps on ticking) for the 21st century. Due to their construction from the space-age material Sorbothane®, even though they look like other insoles, and may even seem a little flimsy don’t be fooled. Our work shoe insoles can be used day in and day out, and they’ll still be on the job next Christmas. These soles keep absorbing the foot-strike impact, but don’t crush and lose their resiliency over time. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that someone got a gift that they are happily using every day, and for a long time. Plus you can count on them having happier feet all year.

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More About RXSorbo and Our Performance Shoe Insoles

All RX Sorbo® Performance Shoe Insoles feature Sorbothane®. Sorbothane® is a unique material that naturally cradles the foot in comfort and helps protect the entire body by absorbing up to 94.7% of impact shock. Ours are some of the best shoe insoles for running, high heels or conditions like plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, or Metatarsalgia.

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