Walking Shoe Inserts vs. Insoles: Is There Any Difference Between Them?

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The big revelation on the question of the difference between a walking shoe insole vs insert is …  (wait for it) … that there is no difference.  These days the words are used interchangeably.  I hope you were sitting down when you read that.  With that out of the way, the question remains, why the different terms are used. How did that come about?

Don’t Know Much About History (of Walking Shoe Insoles)

Walking Shoe Inserts vs. InsolesThe key to understanding the whole walking shoe insole vs insert issue is to determine what an insole/insert is not.  First off, we’re not referring to an ‘elevator’ insert.  These days we all acknowledge that short people can lead happy and successful lives (Tom Cruise, I’m looking at you!) even if they are vertically-challenged.  We don’t force these folks to torment themselves with a doo-hickey stuffed into their footwear to add a little height. Good riddance to that!

Second, we’re not talking about an orthopedic device that your podiatrist prescribes, to help people with medical issues (though if you do have such issues, we’re happy to help you find a podiatrist). Our product is over-the-counter and available at many fine retailers near you.  No need to see a doctor first.

Lastly, this is not about stinky feet! Chemically treated pads that deal with that little problem are another line of business entirely.  So, now I hope that I’ve cleared away the extraneous issues regarding walking shoe insole vs inserts, let’s move on to the positive aspects.

Walking Shoe Inserts vs. Insoles: Primarily Performance

The three main things our walking shoe insoles is designed for: performance, comfort, and performance again. Call it what you will, walking shoe insole or walking shoe insert, our product is about making your activity, be it walking, jogging, running or hiking, more comfortable, less stressful on your body, and overall a better experience. And when you feel better, you perform better. To see which RxSorbo insoles can enhance your performance, browse our selection of walking shoe insoles. There’s something there for every foot.

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