Walking All Day (at Work): Choosing Great Insoles for Happier Feet

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Some people sit at a desk all day, and then have the nerve to complain that their back hurts. Well, out of the frying pan and into the fire: some people don’t get to sit down 9-5, and that comes with it’s own troubles. If your job keeps you up and walking all day, you’re not going have too much sympathy if your feet are swollen and aching.  But it doesn’t have be that way: RxSSorboair Insole - Great Walking Shoe Insoleorbo walking shoe insoles are great for walking at work (as well as walkathons and strolls in the park).

Work Environment, Foot Environment, Walking Environment

If you’re like most people, you aren’t going to have all that much say about the conditions of your work environment.  Hopefully your employer follows accepted standards for walking surfaces.  And maybe at Facebook or Google they can afford to go beyond the minimum and put in easy-on-the feet cork flooring, but most of us have to walk around on fairly unyielding surfaces at work, maybe even on a concrete warehouse floor.  The grassy savannah this is not!

So what can you do if you cannot change your work environment?  You can change your ‘foot environment’!  To see which RxSorbo insoles can enhance your make your day better, browse our selection of insoles. There’s something there for every foot. An RxSorbo insole protects your feet (and legs, and spine) each of the thousands of steps you take in course of a typical workday.  In the end, you will have happier feet if you walk at work on our insoles.

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