Tennis Shoe Insoles Give You a Bounce to Match the Ball’s

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Tennis shoe insoles can enhance your game, but the proper insoles must be selected to match the court surface that a player typically uses. There is no one right type of insole; as the Brits put it, “horses for courses.” You must first analyze the type of court where you will be spending most of your playing time. Tennis Shoe InsolesThat said, tennis shoe insoles are a must on harder courts. Playing without them is an invitation to fatigue and injury. Play smart, and read on to find out what kind of insoles works best for you.

Tennis Shoe Insoles: Follow the Bouncing Ball

The proper tennis shoe insoles depends a lot on the surface on which the game is typically played. Only minimal protection is needed for grass court play. Grass clearly the most responsive surface, but also the highest maintenance. But here in the U.S., grass courts are very rare, so most players should be looking for a more robust insole for protection. However if you are playing on grass, do enjoy the complimentary champagne the country club offers after the game!

The next step up in court surfaces is clay, but again, such courts are somewhat infrequent, due to the costs of construction and maintenance. One issue with clay courts is the moisture content, so it actually is more likely to find one in the desert Southwest, where that is less of an issue. Should you find yourself playing on clay, a medium-weight insole is probably best.

That leaves the majority of players needing the highest level of tennis shoe insole protection, as they will be spending their time on some variation of cement, asphalt or synthetic courts, which comprise the vast majority of municipal and tennis club courts. These surfaces are substantially harder than the previous two, hence the need for protection via robust tennis shoe insoles is vital.

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