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  • RxSorbo Announces Update to Information on Soccer Shoe Insoles Just in Time for Fall, 2016

    Posted on October 7, 2016

    Chicago, Illinois - October 7, 2016. RxSorbo, a leading online retailer of top-rated shoe insoles, is pleased to announce the availability of an informative how-to blog post on selecting best insoles for soccer cleats.

  • RxSorbo Announces Updated Information Page on Heel Spurs and Shoe Insoles

    Posted on September 30, 2016

    September 30, 2016 - Chicago, IL. RxSorbo, a leading online retailer of top-rated shoe insoles at http://www.rxsorbo.com/, is pleased to announce that a newly updated informational page on shoe insoles and heel spurs is available.

  • Basketball Shoe Insoles Put a Bounce in Your Step

    Posted on June 7, 2016

    Remember Jeremy Lin? All the hoopla about his “hot hands,” and the favorable comparisons to sliced bread? Well, he’s history, in the sense that he’s now used as a cautionary example in sports statistics.

  • Hockey Shoe Insoles Reduce Fatigue, Keep You Skating to the Bitter End

    Posted on January 12, 2016

    Hockey is a rough sport, hey that’s half the fun of it, right? Too snowy and icy to have NASCAR racing (i.e. constant car wrecks in a oval track) much of the year up North, so Canadians have to get their kicks somehow, eh?

  • Best Shoe Insoles for Underpronation: How to Select the Best

    Posted on December 31, 2015

    Underpronation, or supination, is when the foot rolls insufficiently as it lands on the ground while running or walking. Underpronated feet do not provide enough well-distributed shock resistance to the feet.  When running this may cause added stress to the tendons and muscles which can result in plantar fasciitis and tendinitis.
    Pain at the ball of

  • Shoe Insoles for High Arches: How to Select the Best

    Posted on November 30, 2015

    High arches, or pes cavus, is when the arch of the foot is raised higher than normal. The arch runs along the bottom of the foot from the heel to the toes. Highly arched feet are usually painful due to the stress added to the spot between the ankle and the toes. People with high

  • Shoe Insoles for Metatarsalgia: How to Select the Best

    Posted on November 30, 2015

    Metatarsalgia, or pain at the ball of the foot is a common ailment. The
    Metatarsal bones are located at the middle of the foot and end at the ball. These bones carry the weight of the body as a person walks. Extra pressure can cause the metatarsal bones to press the skin beneath creating pain and

  • Shoe Insoles for Achilles Tendinitis: How to Select the Best

    Posted on November 30, 2015

    Achilles Tendinitis, or Achilles Heel pain, is a common foot injury. The Achilles tendon is located in the back of the leg and connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the body and allows the foot to “push off” and go into motion for running, jumping

  • Shoe Insoles for Lower Back Pain: How to Select the Best

    Posted on November 30, 2015

    Lower back pain can happen for many reasons. One common problem can be related to your feet. The spine, back and feet are all connected and pain in one area can actually be caused by a problem in another area. For instance, when a person walks, the force is five times their own body weight

  • Shoe Insoles for Hammer Toe: How to Select the Best

    Posted on November 30, 2015

    Hammertoe is a deformity of the toe where the end of the second toe is bent downward. There are a few causes for hammer toe; it can be present at birth or happen over time. Women commonly experience hammer toe pain due to wearing short, narrow shoes. The toes are pushed back and the muscles

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