Rx Sorbo® Weekly Link Round-Up 07/23/2010

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Hey look, we're actually on time for this week's Rx Sorbo® Weekly Link Round-up.  A lot has been going on over here at Rx Sorbo® and we wanted to make sure that this weeks post was on time and ready to be viewed.

Men's Shoes to Wear with Shorts

This is an interesting subject that, believe it or not, a lot of men suffer from.  We're sure that at least once in your life you've probably been driving to work and noticed somebody (99.9% of the time its probably an older gentleman) wearing white socks and shorts, with a pair of slip on flipflops.

This look may have been "in" sometime before our time, but its definitely an expired sense of fashion.  If you know somebody, or maybe you're one of the instigators polluting others vision by sporting the look (this is a judge free blog so don't panic), please read this article……help is out there

Going Green

These days, going "green" is the cool thing...and apparently the green trend is crossing over into this year's major fashion trend.  Take a look at this article and see what awaits us all in the next coming months.

Crazy Shoe of the Week

After last week's post about "15 Unusual and Creative Fashion Shoes", we're really going to try hard to award one pair of shoes with the title: "Crazy Shoe of The Week".  Lets just say that last week's Bird Shoes took the inagural award...This week's winner isn't too hard too far behind.  Please enjoy the lovely Leopard shoes.  Notice how the Leopard is on a leash connected to the big toe.  We love the designer's attention to detail.

Best Running Shoes: Consumer Reports

Take a look at the Consumer Reports choice for best running shoes. (summarized version by third party).

Triathlon Training Video

Check out this great Triathlon training video.....  Triathlons are a perfect example of an athletically challenging activity where shoe insoles should 100% be taken into serious consideration.  (see the below link)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this weeks post….we hope you'll stop by again soon.  Have a great weekend and give your feet a nice rest with some new shoe insoles.

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