Rx Sorbo® Weekly Link Round Up 06/11/2010

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This weeks Rx Sorbo® Weekly Link Round Up brings a wide variety of topics from the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, a pair of 5,000 year old leather shoes and the introduction of the 2010 World Cup from South Africa.  Please read on...

Tyson Gay too fast?

Could Tyson Gay be running too fast for his body? It will never cease to amaze me how athletes at this level are plagued with the fact that they are simply pushing their body past their limits. I do hope that Tyson Gay, the fastest American, is able to break Usain Bolt record 100m

5,500 year old Leather shoe!!

Always amazing the finds and to think this is only the second oldest shoe ever found there was a 7,500 pair of sandals found in Missouri.


OK so big news is you are a hockey fan and HUGE news if you are a hockey fan and in Chicago. "The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!" enough said...

World Cup 2010

Also in sports news the World Cup kicks off today in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tomorrow is USA versus England

The shoes of Tony Stark

The shoes of Tony Stark….Or well Iron Man. Diversitile.com has released a shoe that will literally light up when you press the tongue, no they are still not as cool as the L.A. Gear light up's (Which on a side note there were limited edition ones for the Laker's Game). These new shoes will be limited so if you are interested stay up with the Diversitile website.

That'll do it for all of us here at Rx Sorbo® insoles. We hope you enjoyed our fourth installment of the Rx Sorbo® Weekly Link Round-Up….we love writing these. Please feel free to shoot us your feedback or send us your own personal story of Rx Sorbo® and we'll throw it up on our blog. Have a great weekend, and please be safe.

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