RxSorbo High Heel Cushions - Show Your Feet Some Love

Posted on December 1, 2014 by ryozwiak There have been 0 comments

RxSorbo is proud to announce a new line of women’s insoles designed specifically to provide exceptional cushioning in high heels. These metatarsal pads fit under the ball-of-foot region and make high heels wearable for longer with significantly less pain and fatigue.

During the development phase the company passed out hundreds of samples and prototypes for women to test. RxSorbo would like to thank all of the women here in Alamance County who helped us test and refine these insoles. Their insights and advice have been incorporated into this product line and have helped us with additional products launching soon.

Company founder, Ian Baltutis even tested these new cushions out during the DIVAS Womanless Beauty Pageant to End Alzheimer’s in September 2014.

RxSorbo Insoles offer prescription orthotic insole features and USA made quality at an affordable price. This is the first in a new line of insoles that RxSorbo is producing specifically designed for women. This new line will complement the company’s 11 existing types of insoles.

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