RxSorbo Announces New Blog Post on How to Choose Aerobics Shoe Insoles

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Chicago, IL - September 7, 2016. RxSorbo, a leading online retailer of top-rated shoe insoles at http://www.rxsorbo.com/, is pleased to announce in important new blog post on choosing aerobic shoe insoles. With Winter approaching, more and more people switch to indoor activities like aerobics and need, accordingly, insoles that are up to the job.shoe insoles

“Ever since Richard Simmons gave aerobics a mass appeal, people have been stressing their feet in many of the wrong ways,” explained Rj Yozwiak, Manager of RxSorbo. “Just because aerobics does not seem like a high-impact activity, some people assume that it cannot stress the lower extremities. But as with any repetitive action, the risk exists. Our new blog post covers selection issues with respect to aerobics and related problems.”

To read the complete blog post on how to choose the best shoe insoles for aerobics, visit http://www.rxsorbo.com/rx-blog/aerobics-shoe-insoles/.

Staying Fit Via Aerobics with the Right Insoles

Aerobics is a popular way to stay fit as it can be done indoor in all seasons (winter in Buffalo) and climates (summer in Houston). Since aerobics does not appear to be an activity like running where “pounding the pavement” would appear to be an obvious source of stress, some people assume that aerobics cannot generate the kind of lower extremity stress that leads to injury. But this turns out not to be true. As a good example of why not, think of carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist. Typing at a keyboard is not high-impact, but over time poor ergonomics can lead to serious tissue inflammation and potential nerve damage. The same holds true of the repetitive motions (step up, step down) in aerobics. The best mitigation for carpal tunnel is cushioning, wrist wraps or a padded rest on the table. Aerobics shoe insoles serve the same function for the feet and legs.

Wearing aerobic shoe insoles that provide adequate support to the arch area of the foot is good insurance against irritation and injury that will reduce one’s pleasure and proficiency in the activity.

To view a sample shoe insoles suitable for aerobics, visit https://www.amazon.com/RxSorbo-Sorbothane-Ultra-Insole-Womens/dp/B003WI23LG. To view the newly updated page on Aerobics and shoe insoles, visit http://www.rxsorbo.com/insoles/aerobics/.

About Sorbothane

Developed by a Materials Scientist to mimic human flesh - Sorbothane® is a one-of-a-kind visco elastic polymer. 100% unique - Sorbothane® is a solid that naturally ”flows” like a liquid - Sorbothane® absorbs impact shock and provides comfort better than any other insole material available today.

About RxSorbo

RxSorbo is the source for Sorbothane® Shoe insoles (shoe inserts). Sorbothane® uniquely absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock, and makes for quality shoe insoles for many conditions. People come to RxSorbo for shoe insoles for foot maladies from Plantar Fasciitis to Morton's Neuroma to metatarsalgia to many other conditions. From Shoe inserts for running to top-rated insoles for dress shoes to gym shoes, reviews of the company’s shoe insoles prove they are among the best shoe insoles.


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