Running Shoe Insoles Power Athletes Feets To New Records in the Olympics

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The Olympics in Rio were pretty awesome, no? (not be confused with these Olympic Mountains in Washington State, though they are also pretty awesome). All those elite athletes running around (and for the longer track events, around and around and around). One only imagine how many running shoe insoles they went through in the two weeks of competitions. There were some 20,000 athletes, and that makes 40,000 feet!

Does Usain Bolt Owe It All to Running Shoe Insoles?

We here at RxSorbo would like to think that our running shoe insoles are what gave Usain his competitive edge. We contacted his publicist, but never got a reply. So maybe, maybe not; didn’t say “yes” but didn’t say “no” either. Possibly a better question to ask is if Mr. Bolt even use running shoe insoles? I mean his signature race is really really short, so how sore would his feet get really? But there is of course the training runs to consider. But even if he doesn’t use them, you probably should. No promises about world-class performance resulting from them, but your feet will thank you, if your runs are 100 yards or 10,000.

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Your Feet Deserve the Best

Now, if you are a running, you might not be Olympic quality. But your feet still deserve the best in shoe insoles for running. Among the reasons: physics. You may weigh as much, or perhaps more, than the Olympic athletes. While your speed may not be up to Olympic levels, the pressures on your feet may still be. Even a 'bad' runner puts immense pressure on her feet, running! So, by choosing running shoe insoles that match your feet insoles for pain reliefand exercise regimen, you'll be safeguarding your feet long term. Another important issue is if you work on your feet all day. Don't then go home, and go for a run without using running shoe insoles! Even better select from some of our own work shoe insoles, so you have comfy feet all day long - at work AND after work.

Next, after having a long run, come home and relax. Don't forget your mental health. Heck, go to YouTube or Tivo and watch re-runs of those Olympic runners like Usain Bolt. Pick up a few tactics, and just marvel at these incredible athletes. But remember: their feet go up, and come down, and so do yours. The best athletes 'baby' their feet, and so should you.

More About RXSorbo and Our Performance Shoe Insoles

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