Golf Shoe Insoles Can Improve Your Stance, Your Mood, Maybe Your Game

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Football, basketball, soccer.  One constantly hears of athletes in these sports being sidelined with injuries.  Should golf be added to this list?  You might say no, because golf does not seem like a high-impact sport or even such an high-activity sport. But there are risks of injury involved in golf; golf shoe insoles are a good start on minimizing this risk. What is the exact mechanism by which this happens? While the arms and torso might seems like the obvious area for problems, the foot plays an integral role in the golf swing, pivoting to allow the hips to rotate during the swing. Problems can occur as golfers also roll their feet too far in, and the weight of the body is not distributed evenly. Choosing golf shoe insoles that give proper foot support can counteract this tendency, resulting in a better game, and one less likely to lead to injury.

Golf Shoe Insoles Encourage Proper Stance

Golf Shoe InsolesThere’s a lot to think about during the preparation for for a golf swing. You have to allow for wind during the ball’s flight, proper position of hands on the club, alignment of the shoulders and hips.  Way down there, literally, are the feet, being somewhat neglected.  Maybe you’ll check that the shoelaces haven’t come undone, but how much more thought are you giving to them? What you should be asking yourself is: Do you have the best golf shoe insoles supporting you at this point?  If your feet roll inward or outward during the swing you will not have maximum power or control, and in the long run aggravate the tendons.  This becomes a vicious circle, and before you know it, your golf game is in the rough, and what was meant to be a relaxing game of golf becomes a disappointment, from which you limp home.

The Gory Details

How do golf shoe insoles prevent this disaster scenario from happening? The foot plays an integral role during the golf swing, as it pivots to allow the hips to rotate fully. Two problems can occur.  First, golfers can suffer from overpronation, where they roll their feet out too much. When this happens, their weight is not distributed evenly across the feet. In the worse case, this can lead to a sprain.

Over-extension (twisting the feet inwardly too much) is a major cause of plantar fasciitis, especially in amateur golfers who have not learnt the correct stance and swing technique. Wearing golf shoe insoles shore up the arch areas of the feet is one of the best ways to protect yourself against plantar fasciitis. Insoles will help to put off over-extension by stabilizing the feet, ensuring weight is distributed evenly and helping to correct your stance during the golf swing.

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