Football Cleat Insoles Are a Force Multiplier on the Football Field

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Unless you live in Texas, where people are football crazy and prepared to spend truly phenomenal amounts of money on the sport, even at the high school level (as in $63 million dollars, no joke!) the chances are that the surface of most football fields near you are pretty uneven and inconsistent. Bald spots, divots, sags, and so forth. And if the weather is wet, then all bets are off as to whether players can remain upright; serious hydroplaning issues can arise absent proper drainage. Are these folks playing football or body-surfing?

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During any game, athletes must make a series off-balance, unstable cuts, and do so while wearing hard-soled cleated shoes. These shoes create conditions where the foot bones are under pressure, and additionally don’t provide a lot of comfort. Let's talk, about the different types of football fans.

Let's talk about football, cleats, insoles, and fans. First of all, there are the people who love football, but just sit in the bleachers. For these types of fans, we would recommend some of our shoe insoles that are more accommodating for work shoes. That person might be a nurse, who is on his or her feet 24 hours a day while at work, and uses football as a way to relax, for example. Second, there is the mom or dad whose son or daughter is on the field, and they are jumping up and down. For these people we might recommend some of our shoe insoles that would fit into a more casual shoe. All of that jumping up and down in the football stands might really injure your feet. Third, there is the weekend warrior. This is the dad who gets out on the football field with his son prior to the game, and ends up injuring himself. Then he limps around at the office, looking like a lost puppy on Monday morning.

And finally, we come to the star of the show. That person who actually plays football. Now let's face it, in today's America, this is largely males, but who knows, over time we are seeing some women actually get on the football field. Regardless, a foot is a foot, and if you are an active football player, our football cleat insoles will help you on the field. Use the website to browse some of the available types, and check them out. You may need every edge possible to succeed on the field. And, in order to avoid having embarrassing parents, you might recommend that they use them as well, so that on Monday morning they can hold their heads proud about what happened over the weekend.

Football Cleat Insoles Pull Victory From Jaws of Da-Feet

RxSorbo football cleat insoles are specifically engineered to minimize the stress that athletes' feet must endure. Protecting the foot in turn gives aid to other lower leg bones and joints. The net result is that the athlete can move quickly, make confident cuts, without fear of flying (and landing hard). This is where the football cleat insoles come in as a force multiplier on the field. There’s never a play lost to a misstep, even on less than ideal surfaces that must be played on. Football cleat insoles like these can be found at a variety of retail shops and online stores.

To learn more about the football cleat insoles available visit the web page by clicking on the image.

Photo credit: JamieL.WilliamsPhoto via / CC BY-ND

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