Shoe Insoles for Hammer Toe: How to Select the Best

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Hammertoe is a deformity of the toe where the end of the second toe is bent downward. There are a few causes for hammer toe; it can be present at birth or happen over time. Women commonly experience hammer toe pain due to wearing short, narrow shoes. The toes are pushed back and the muscles and tendons in the toe tighten and become shorter. Hammer toe can also occur when children wear shoes that they have outgrown. Pain from hammertoe is a common issue.

Shoe Insoles for Hammer ToeIf you believe you may have foot pain due to hammertoe, meet with your physician first. It is best to have a confirmed diagnoses from a medically licensed physician before seeking treatment for hammertoe.

The Best Shoe Insoles May Relieve Hammertoe Pain

Causes for hammer toe can start at birth or happen due to shoes that are too narrow for the feet. That is why women who choose to wear fashionable narrow heels, may experience painful hammertoe over time. Tiny, pointed shoes allow little foot space causing the second toe to curl back eventually creating hammertoes. Fashion divas are not the only people to experience hammertoe, anyone who wears shoes that are too short or small can experience this painful foot problem.

After a thorough examination and diagnosis, there are several hammer toe remedies your doctor may recommend. For hammer toe pain relief, she may suggest you use a high-quality foot insole. The RXSorbo blog post offers information about ultra-orthotic shoe inserts and choosing the best kind for hammer toe. Many patients have tried RXSorbo foot insoles for their hammer toe pain and found them to work very well.

Steps to Selecting Shoe Insoles

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  3. Choose a category / activity that best describes your day-to-day activities, especially if you think those are irritating your condition.
  4. Order your insoles, and give them a test.

More Information about Hammer Toe

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center:

Hammer toe is a deformity of the toe. The end of the toe is bent downward.

Symptoms for Hammer Toe

The middle joint of the toe is bent. The end part of the toe bends down into a claw-like deformity. At first, you may be able to move and straighten the toe. Over time, you will no longer be able to move the toe. It will be painful.

A corn often forms on top of the toe. A callus is found on the sole of the foot. Walking or wearing shoes can be painful.

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