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  • Mrs. Maine 2007 reviews our Metatarsal Pads

    Posted on May 25, 2010

    Just wanted to post a review we recieved from Kate Werner (2007 Mrs. Maine)

    "I wanted to thank you for the Rx Sorbo® Sorbothane® Metatarsal Pads.  I love them!

    I wear high heels every day, and they are an absolutely wonderful cushion for the ball of my foot.  This, as all high heel wearing women know, is where the weight of the foot should be for safe and elegant footing in heels.   I have to admit I did my own experiment: One morning, I placed one insert in the right shoe, and not in the left.  After a ten hour day of running errands, my right foot was comfortable and supported, and my left foot was aching.  It was amazing.

  • Thirty Three Miles Running with RxSorbo® Insoles

    Posted on August 10, 2009

    With the new site we want to start connecting more with our community so in doing so the other day we received a great review of a pair of the RXSorbo® Ultra Orthotic Arch insoles and we wanted to share it with every one.  Hope you enjoy and thank you “Manny”.

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