Basketball Shoe Insoles Put a Bounce in Your Step

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Remember Jeremy Lin? All the hoopla about his “hot hands,” and the favorable comparisons to sliced bread? Well, he’s history, in the sense that he’s now used as a cautionary example in sports statistics. While he’s no doubt a great guy and a decent basketball player, his big claim to fame turned out to be nothing more than a statistical blip. The human tendency towards selective attention, and the desire to create a narrative led to grandiose expectations. This probably put so much pressure on the player, that he cracked. At this point, no one is asking him to sign their basketball shoe insoles for posterity.

This season, something completely is happening: Curry. I am speaking of the man, of course, not the tasty dish from India.

Basketball Shoe Insoles: Saving Curry’s Feet?

Among Curry’s many notable accomplishments: injuring himself at a league-leading pace. He can’t seem to dial it back a just a bit. There’s a fine line between aggressive athleticism and being a human cannonball. But notice there’s one body part that has escaped damage: his feet. Perhaps the team doctor insisted that he use appropriate basketball shoe insoles, figuring the feet were vital to his game. If he can stay on his feet just a little bit longer, he may lead his team to the championship.Basketball Shoe Insoles

You and Basketball Shoe Insoles

Now, enough about him, let's talk about you. Did you know that basketball is one of the only sports that was invented in the United States, or at least North America? And did you know that many weekend warriors go out and shoot hoops with their friends, only to injure their feet? Well, chances are, if you are reading this blog post, you both love basketball, and are concerned about your feet.

Any good coach in the basketball sport area would tell you that it is very important to have good shoes. They might even tell you to stretch before you engage in a good game of basketball, even if it's just with your sons or daughters. However, many coaches do not realize that basketball shoe insoles can really take the issue to the next level. By trying one of our basketball shoe insoles you may be giving yourself not just a leg up vis-à-vis your competition but also preventing yourself from that embarrassing limp around the office when Monday comes and your weekend warrior days are over.

Now, we are not experts about professional sports, so will leave aside our predictions of the basketball winners for the next season. However, we can recommend that you at least give our basketball shoe insoles a try, and they will put about in your step, if only at the office on Monday morning after your weekend warrior extravaganza.

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