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Sorbothane® Cushioning and Comfort

Sorbo® Ball-of-Foot Comfort Pads are made of shock-cushioning Sorbothane®. They naturally stay in place and provide lasting comfort and pain relief.

Concentrated comfort for those who prefer a partial insole or are concerned with a tight fit especially in high heels. The leading performance replacement metatarsal pad featuring 100% Sorbothane for outstanding foot-strike protection. They are so effective that they have been approved and recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The RxSorbo Ball-of-Foot pad works well in all types of shoes and for all types of activities and sports. These concentrated pads fit perfectly into tight spaces like in dress shoes, high heels, golf shoes, dance shoes and flats. Sorbothane is the only insole-material that absorbs up to 94.7% percent of impact shock; and unlike standard insoles, which can bottom out, compress and lose effectiveness; the Rx Sorbo Ball-of-Foot pad retains its support and comfort, month after month. Sorbothane rubber was developed to simulate the soft padding of the heel. This makes it the most comfortable and best cushioning insole rubber available. Unlike foam rubbers it resists becoming hard or flat over time and lasts much longer that other insoles. RxSorbo Insoles are proudly made in the USA at our factory in Kent, OH.

"For cushioning comfort, and help with pain relief, I recommend RX Sorbo-Sorbothane® products" Dr. Mark Mendeszoon

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