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Size: Womens - 4.5-5.5
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Sorbothane® Comfort for Active Lifestyles

SorboAir® Replacement Insoles start with a base of air-infused Sorbothane® foam for lightweight comfort. Then a pure Sorbothane® inlay is added for heel-strike protection. SorboAir® Insoles will provide long-lasting cushioning and protection with every step you take.

Average heel thickness is 9mm. Metatarsal thickness is 6.5mm. Average heel drop of the RxSorbo SorboAir Insole is 2.5mm.

"For me, the RX Sorbo-SorboAir® Insole has a proven formula of pain-relief, lightweight comfort and heel-strike protection."Dr. Mark Mendeszoon

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