RX SORBO Ultra Orthotic Arch Insoles

The Ultra Orthotic Arch™ Insole combines significant arch support and stability with comfort and impact protection. Molded polyurethane foam provides structural support while Sorbothane® inlays offer cushioning comfort and foot-strike protection. Superior, long-lasting Ultra Orthotic Arch™ Insoles maintain their stability and shock-absorbing benefits longer than any other premium insole on the market.Average heel thickness is 6.5mm. Metatarsal thickness is 4mm. Average heel drop of the insole is 2.5mm.

“For stability, protection and comfort I recommend RX Sorbo - Ultra Orthotic Arch Insoles, because my patients deserve the best.”Dr. Mark Mendeszoon

Customer Review
“I've never used shoe insert before, as they usually take up too much space. However, my heel pain from plantar fasciitis was really getting to me. The inserts were easy to insert (I wear a 9.5 M shoe, and bought a 9-10 women's insert), and they really cushion each step. They don't seem to take up too much room.As for the pronation difficulties, so far so good. I am buying another pair right now.”

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Ultra orthotic medium arch insole