Shoe insoles are very important for everyone who wears shoes! Shoe insoles don’t only benefit active people. People use their feet for hours a day, so it’s important to protect them. Unfortunately, most people tend to overlook the importance of shoe insoles. Here are the top 6 reasons as to why you should wear shoe insoles:

1.     Prevention of foot disorders

When you wear shoes all day long, your feet get worn out, dry, and cracked. Shoe insoles help keep your feet comfortable without leading to foot disorders such as bunions, calluses, or hammertoes. Insoles absorb foot pressure when standing, walking or running which allows you to live the active lifestyle you want without having to worry. Therefore, they enable you to lead an active lifestyle without subjecting your feet to any form of pain and discomfort. This added layer of protection from the insoles prevents you from tissue and muscle damage

2.     Shoe insoles make your feet more flexible

Shoe insoles come in many different forms for flexibility. If you have over-pronation, over-supination, or weight issues, there are options for you. Tissues found in your heels are very thin, so your feet are prone to shock and pressure especially when standing, walking or running. Because of this, inflammation may occur leading to your feet may losing flexibility and extreme pain. On the bright side, shoe inserts minimize pressure and shock on the feet while offering quality cushioning for enhanced comfort and support preventing extra movements that offer quality support to foot tissues and muscles.

3.     They also correct existing foot disorders

Shoe inserts are not only preventive solutions. They are also used in treatment of a wide range of foot conditions including plantar fascia, knee pain, corns, metatarsal pain, achilles heel pain, bunions and neuroma among other conditions. It is recommended that you talk to your doctor before using shoe insoles to correct foot disorders.

4.     Enhanced comfort

Shoe insoles are also made of cushioned high quality materials to offer quality support and comfort. This reason for this is because they help keep your feet in the correct shape. Wearing shoes all day long doesn’t necessarily mean they are protecting your feet. With the correct protection, you will also increase your general foot health.

5.     Extend the lifespan of your shoes

Shoe inserts come in many different styles and fits, so choosing the right ones are very important. You want to be sure that the ones you buy will hold up their longevity and durability purposes. In return, the insoles will help keep the lifespan of your shoes. Your feet will be in perfect shape at the end of the day and the start to every morning!

6.     Performance

Having insoles may allow you to run more distance, uphill, and downhill. Due to the flexibility and comfort, your feet will be protected from pain, foot deformity, pressure, and overall improved biomechanical function.