1. Lakefront Path in Chicago 

Location: Chicago, IL

Length: 18 Miles

Difficulty: Easy

The Lakefront Path in Chicago is the most popular trail in the city. It allows for runners, walkers, and bikers. It is a shared path along the western shore of Lake Michigan, on the east side of Chicago. This path accommodates everyone with several beaches, restaurants, and stations along the way. Stop and dip your feet in the water at any time on this path.

2. Tahoe Rim Trail

Location: Nevada/California

Length: 165 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate

This dual-state trail known as the “Rim Trail”, as locals call it, rests upon the crystal blue Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This long trail attracts many runners, as many run the short sections from the multiple access points around the lake. The trail can accommodate any distance, both short and long, as it weaves in and out of forests and meadows. You will not want to leave this gorgeous trail. 

3. Awa’awapuhi Trail

Location: Kauai, Hawaii

Length: 6.7 Miles

Difficulty: Hard

This heavily trafficked mountainous trail is one of the best hiking and running trails in Hawaii. It features beautiful wild flowers and has an elevation gain of 2,125 feet. Talk about an incline! This trail is located in Koke’e State Park and overlooks the Na Pali coast. There is some climbing involved, as well as a rugged terrain.

4. Superior Hiking Trail

Location: Minnesota

Length: 300 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Resting upon Lake Superior, this long trail connects Duluth and the Canadian border. Designed as a footpath, one can see a variety of natural scenery such as streams, waterfalls, forests, and rocky gorges. Access points are every 5 or 10 miles, making it ideal for races.

5. Green Lakes to Soda Creek Trail

Location: Bend, Oregon

Length: 12.1 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate

This loop shaped trail captures the majestic beauty of Oregon. You will experience lodgepole pine forests, wildflower meadows, waterfalls, snowcapped mountains, and lakes. This stunning trail is located inside the Three Sisters Wilderness just 25 miles outside of Bend.

6. Arcadia National Park

Location: Bar Harbor, Maine

Length: 120 Miles

Difficulty: Easy to Difficult

This coastal trail has multiple trails in one. Try the 2.2 mile ocean path right above Sand Beach, or the more intense trails that require climbing rocky and exposed nature. There are plenty of options for a scenic Maine experience.

7. The Appalachian Trail

Location: Maine to Georgia (14 States)

Length: 2,190 Miles

Difficulty: Difficult

8. This Appalachian Trail starts in Maine and ends in Georgia, making it the longest hiking-only footpath in the world. Along this trail are shelters, communities, clubs, and stations. It is notorious for having elite runners running from start to finish. It gets over 3 million visitors a year. Having high elevation makes this trail very difficult, especially if you’re not used to a change in altitude.

8. Poison Spider Mesa

Location: Moab, Utah

Length: 13 Miles

Difficulty: Difficult

This jagged red rock topography makes this trail one of the most scenic trails in the U.S. Known mainly as a mountain biking mecca, this trail is a runner’s paradise with the snowcapped mountain views. Running in the morning or evening is preferred due to the desert heat. Be sure to bring a ton of water, although the loop is only 13 miles.

9. Ocean Overlook Loop

Location: Santa Monica, California

Length: 2.5 Miles

Difficulty: Easy

This short and sweet loop trail is an easy yet stunning trail that elevates only 191 feet. Great for beginners and walks, this trail overlooks the ocean from the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

10.  Shut-In Trail

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

Length: 18 Miles 

Difficulty: Moderate

Built by industrialist George Vanderbilt in the late 1890s because he wanted to link his hunting lodge to below Mt. Pisgah to Biltmore Estate. There’s nearly 3,000 feet of climbing rock. It was named after the tunnels of rhododendron and mountain laurel. That is why it’s called “Shut-In Trail”. It definitely requires some cardio, as it is off road terrain.

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