Orthotic insoles are a form of physiotherapy involving the feet. Flatfoot, also known as low arch, refers to a medical condition where the arch in the food is either flat or missing. This common deformity often leads to problems that are much more serious, such as ankle arthritis, changes in the foot structure, ankle arthritis, pollex valgus, and most importantly, foot pain. If an arch in the foot is missing, surgical treatment is usually recommended in order to correct the bone structure. However, more conversation physiotherapy makes it possible to achieve a corrective effect. It has always been controversial to treat flatfoot via surgery or non-surgery.

With the help of orthotic insoles, flat feet are significantly improved in subjects who wear them. Orthotic insoles are able to correct plantar pressure of people that have flatfoot while walking on a horizontal ground, as well as walking up and down stairs. In people who do not have flatfoot, the arch of the foot with be compressed if the plantar vessels are nerves are not protected by elasticity. The arch is the foot needs just the right amount of elastically. With insoles, your feet will be more flexible. Over time, your feet could be significantly corrected, without need for surgical therapy.

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