Rx Sorbo® Weekly Link Round Up 07/16/2010

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This week's Rx Sorbo® Weekly Link Round-up is going to be a little crazy.  We have some great articles/posts that range from ridiculous shoe fashion to running with the bulls.  Grab a drink, kick back your feet and enjoy...

15 Unusual and Creative Fashion Shoes

To me, fashion is like trying to read Egyptian hieroglyphics for the first time; I just don't get it, and might not ever.  This article certainly backs my simile.  Take a look at some of these shoes and ladies, ask yourself this question: "Would I ever wear these shoes in public"?  Gentlemen, ask yourself this question: "Would I ever be with a woman that would even consider taking a second glance at these shoes, let alone putting them on their feet"?

Check out the bird shoes... All time favorite

High Heeled Sneakers: Yay or Nay?

This article somewhat touches on the same subject as the previous: bizarre fashion.  I can't really recall my first time seeing a pair of high-heeled sneakers in action, but I'm pretty sure that my reaction may have been similar to a Wile E. Coyote face (see picture).  Regardless, we're interested in hearing your opinion on this subject.

Cheap Shoes That Look Great

We all know that the economy is, well let's just say, not doing so great at the moment.  Nobody wants to reflect their current financial struggles on their fashion, which is why we want to offer this article about cheaply priced shoes so you can stay up to date on your fashion (shoes in particular).  Here's a great tip though: "Spruce up your shoes, either new or old, with some new shoe insoles".

Running With The Bulls

Even though Spain just claimed the World Cup title, they're not entirely finished showing off their worldly potential.  Spain hosts "the running of the bulls" every year on July 6th where brave (or outright crazy) people literally run from live Bulls down an extremely narrow street with little to no "safety" exits.  I'm all about extreme sports, but this is still tough for me to swallow.  Take a look.

Running With he Bulls "New Orleans Style"

Answering the call to be just as cool (or perhaps even cooler) than the Spaniards, Americans have created their own little running of the bull's just a little different.  Please compare.

That's going to do it for this week's Rx Sorbo® Weekly Link Round Up.  We hope that you enjoyed this sort of "whacky" link round up....but hey, everybody needs to smile every once in awhile right?

Have a great weekend and remember take your shoe insoles a little more'll thanks us in the future.

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