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Alicia Sacramone Teams Up with Sorbothane®

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Introducing Shocksox® - Helps Prevent Impact Injuries To Gymnasts

Developed by an orthopedic nurse specialist, Shocksox® will help prevent impact and overuse injuries to gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders. These supportive open-toe socks feature a "built-in" Sorbothane® pad that can absorb up to 94.7% of impact shock.

The inspiration for Shocksox® was Olympic Gymnast and World Gold Medal winner, Alicia Sacramone. Alicia, like many other gymnasts, suffered from impact related injuries. Worn consistently Shocksox® will help prevent the incidence of impact injuries and allow the body to maximize its full potential.

After testing - Shocksox® became Alicia's reliable training companion.

"I maximize my training with proven protection and prevention with the use of Shocksox® and Rx Sorbo® Insoles for my life outside the gym."

Sorbothane® is recognized worldwide as the ultimate material for attenuating shock and isolating vibration. Doctors, sports medicine specialists and trainers have recommended Sorbothane® insoles for decades. RX Sorbo® Performance Insoles are made of Sorbothane®, a unique material that naturally cradles the foot in comfort and protects the entire body by absorbing up to 94.7% of impact shock.

And unlike standard insole materials, which can bottom out and lose effectiveness, Sorbothane® ensures comfort step after step. Durable and long-lasting, RX Sorbo® Performance Insoles retain their shock absorbing benefits significantly longer than any other insole on the market. 

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